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A website design and marketing company for tattoo artists who are ready to take their business to the next level.

Why is it so hard to get a high converting tattoo shop website without spending a fortune or sitting at a computer for days?

DIY website builders are frustrating and time-consuming.

Reliable FREELANCERS are hard to find.

MARKETING AGENCIES charge thousands of dollars.

Getting a website for your tattoo shop shouldn’t take weeks of your time or cost more than your rent.

A better way to get web design for tattoo artists

What makes Tatted Web so unique?

Our team is here to make sure you get a professional website quickly, easily, and with awesome customer service and support.

Done fast. Most artists have their website launched in under a week.
Cost efficient. All the legwork is done in advance, saving you thousands of dollars.
No Headaches. All we do is build websites for tattoo artists — you tell us about your business and we’ll handle all the rest.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Tatted Web works best for tattoo shops who need a great website without having to wait weeks or months. The best clients of Tatted Web are happy to let us handle all of the work on their behalf.

Absolutely. You'll be able to easily change the content and images on your website without needing to code anything.

You bet. We begin by offering you one of our signature templates that aligns with your design preferences. Afterwards, we will personalize all the text, images, and page layouts to suit your business needs.

Once you decide to move forward we'll schedule an initial one-hour meeting to gain insight into your business and its requirements. Then we'll manage all the legwork, and you won't be required to do anything else until it's time to review the final draft.

We’ll have your site ready in 3 to 5 business days.

Book a call with us today. We’ll chat about your needs and give you next steps.


What some of our clients have to say

Five new clients in the last week

We're so thrilled to see our website driving new business for our shop! Our focus on search engine optimization and easy-to-use portfolio features is clearly paying off. We can't wait to see what other benefits our website will bring to our business.

Ava Martinez

I am completely booked!

You're doing a great job! My schedule is completely full, and I'm unable to take on any new clients, but please keep up the good work and don't change a thing. Your work has exceeded my expectations and I'm grateful for everything you've done.

Sofia Kim

More new clients than any other marketing channel

We've been with Tatted Web for 3+ years, and their website has been the most successful marketing channel for our business, bringing in numerous new clients. I don't even have to ask for referrals anymore, it's all automated. Plus, whenever we need help, Tatted Web's marketing team and staff are always there for us.

Ruby Diaz

We consistently rank at the top of Google

Since joining Tatted Web, we've been delighted with our experience for several years, consistently ranking at the top of Google and having a beautiful and modern website. The team has been highly supportive and has helped us to achieve great success with our online presence.

Blake Jones

I love everything about Tatted Web

Tatted Web exudes enthusiasm, technical expertise, quality service, and gratitude that are ingrained in their company culture. Their approach perfectly aligns with my vision and style, which is crucial for representing my brand. Overall, they have been a great partner in helping me achieve my business goals.

Samantha White

More than double the new clients

Despite the lockdowns and economic impacts, my business has seen more than double the amount of new clients compared to the previous year, and I believe our website has played a significant role in this success. I am proud of the website's design and functionality.

Emily Nguyen

I’m beyond thankful

We are thrilled with the incredible site and outstanding service provided by the Tatted Web team. Their efforts have exceeded our expectations, and we cannot thank them enough for their hard work and dedication.

Jessica Rivera

It's been incredible

As someone who is particular and hands-on with their business, I have high demands and expectations, especially when it comes to marketing and messaging. However, everything has been amazing in listening and implementing my vision, making me extremely satisfied with their service.

William Parker

Great support

The support staff is exceptional - always helpful and efficient in handling any issues we have. They went above and beyond by responding to my email and resolving my inquiry within an hour, which included adding a button/link on our website. I have never experienced such a high level of customer service, and I highly recommend Tatted Web to anyone looking for a web design company.

Dante Vega